Healthia’s Annual Integrated Health Conference



Encompassing research and clinical expertise to inspire best practice

Healthia’s key objective is to inspire and facilitate best practice.  We strive for excellence in the delivery of clinical care for our patients and their communities.

These core concepts are evidenced by the importance we place on education and research. Our annual integrated health conference will this year be held from October 12-13 at QT on the Gold Coast and will provide members of the Healthia group a unique opportunity to attend a collaborative and collegial professional development event unlike any other.  Attendees will not only hear from internationally recognised researchers and clinicians, but also spend time with these leaders off stage as part of the event. The high calibre of our keynote speakers, the emphasis on clinically relevant presentations and the opportunity for networking supports our commitment to inspiring best practice.


Keynote Speakers



With an opening address from Healthia’s Chairman, Dr. Glen Richards, networking opportunities and post-conference workshops, EncompassED will provide the Healthia group with an unparalleled professional development experience.


Program Overview



Conference Committees



Scientific Committee

  • Dr. Kerrie Evans

  • Adrian Singh

  • Dr. Vaughan Nicholson

  • Dr. Luke Kelly

  • Viana Vuvan

  • Amy Chu

Organising Committee

  • Dr. Kerrie Evans

  • Adrian Singh

  • Erin Moss

  • Melissa Crunkhorn

  • Madison Knight


Location + Venue


Social Activities



The Organising Committee have been working hard on ensuring there will plenty of opportunity to network and enjoy some social activities.

The Conference Gala dinner will be held at QT and will provide a fantastic opportunity to network, catch up with colleagues and enjoy fabulous entertainment. Bring your dancing shoes (sensible ones as there will be a lot of podiatrists in the room) as Blue Poppy will ensure all attendees dance the night away.

Also bring your running shoes – there will be running tours of the Gold Coast on Saturday and Sunday morning at 0630.


Post - Conference Workshops



Healthia staff are invited to attend one of three post-conference workshops. The workshops will run on Sunday 13 October from 1300 – 1500. Attendees will need to register via the staff registration portal.

Workshop 1

Above the Ankle Program

Maximum number of participants = N/A

The workshop will be presented by Steve Kulifaj, Orthotist from USA, and Greg Dower Co-Founder of My FootDr, and will introduce our “Above the Ankle Program”, an advanced orthotic bracing and pedorthic training course for podiatrists, orthotists/ prosthetists, physiotherapists, and hand therapists. Participants will learn about the latest technology involving 3D scanning, 3D printing and fitting of “Above The Ankle” bracing. Healthia is a worldwide pioneer in this sphere and after a successful trial in clinics over the past twelve months, we are ready to launch it group-wide. You will hear from practitioners who have been involved in the trial and from some of their patients whose lives have significantly improved through this cutting-edge technology. The presenters will guide participants through the process of identifying cases in their own clinics, scanning, designing, ordering, and fitting various braces. Cases that require orthotist / prosthetist intervention will also be discussed and participants will learn about the embrace OandP Division, which we hope to launch at the conference.

This workshop will provide the opportunity to:

  1. Receive training on the latest technology and research based treatment options

  2. Develop skills in device selection for challenging cases

  3. Develop skills in fitting sports and orthopaedic bracing

  4. Consider funding options to optimise billing / claiming processes and strategies for marketing



Greg Dower


Steve Kulifaj



Workshop 2

Management of patients with persistent elbow pain – one size does not fit all

Maximum number of participants = 40

It is easy to fall into the trap of treating all patients with elbow pain with the same recipe, irrespective of their specific signs and symptoms. This workshop will provide the opportunity to develop and/or refine key assessment and treatment procedures to ensure an individualised approach to management. Working from within an evidence-informed framework, this workshop will very much focus on practical and clinically relevant strategies to optimise outcomes for your patients.

This workshop will provide the opportunity to:

  1. Update and review the recent evidence relating to pain mechanisms contributing to persistent elbow pain.

  2. Develop and refine assessment and management skills for patients presenting with elbow pain, particularly those with lateral epicondylalgia.

  3. Consider contributing factors to persistent elbow pain.



Dr Leanne Bisset


Workshop 3

Communication in Children and Adolescents with Persistent Pain – Dr. Emmah Baque

Maximum number of participants = N/A

Our clinical interaction hinges on the ability to communicate effectively. Knowing how to listen and respond in an appropriate and productive way is fundamental for improved client outcomes. This is particularly important when communicating with children and adolescents who have persistent pain. This workshop aims to provide an overview of persistent pain, the role of the health professional and how to use and apply communication strategies to improve function and quality of life for children with persistent pain and their families.

After successfully completing this workshop you should be able to:

  1. Describe the nature of persistent pain and the role of the health professional when managing a paediatric persistent pain population.

  2. Critically evaluate and explore communication facilitators and inhibitors when interacting children and adolescents who have persistent pain and their families.

  3. Describe and apply effective communication strategies in a paediatric persistent pain population.



Dr Emmah Baque


Event sponsors




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