Hand & Upper Limb Therapy

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Hand & Upper Limb Therapy

Hand therapy is the science of treating range of motion and strength in our upper extremities including arms, hands, wrists, shoulders, elbows and forearms. Our occupational therapists and physiotherapists are specialized in hand therapy and practice current, evidence-based techniques to ensure the healing of injuries, decrease pain and optimize movement, strength and function as efficiently as possible. To learn more about Healthia’s group of hand and upper arm therapy clinics, please visit hand therapy and extend rehab groups.

Hand Therapy provides specialized hand therapy services for the management of hand and arm conditions throughout south-east Queensland & northern Sydney. Our team of highly qualified and experienced hand therapists offer expert assessment, diagnosis and treatment for people with hand and upper limb pain or dysfunction.

To learn more about Extend Rehabilitation, please visit our website: www.extendrehab.com.au.
You may be seen by an Extend therapist as part of your inpatient care following an injury or surgery.
Physiotherapy for conditions such as tennis elbow, sciatica, vertigo, RSI and rotator cuff disease
Our hand therapists and physiotherapists see patients in consultation with the hand and upper limb surgeons
Dry Needling works by changing the way your body senses pain, and by helping the body heal stubborn muscle spasm associated with trigger points (myofascial effects).

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