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The Healthia Difference

Healthia’s business model was founded by like-minded clinicians who wanted to improve the allied health industry for our teams and clients alike. As such, our business model is founded on organic growth and partnerships with our clinicians. Our approach relies on fostering committed clinicians on their pursuit for clinical excellence, career diversity, innovative health care solutions and business ownership if they choose.
Partnering with Healthia provides local clinic leaders with the business support they require to reduce the day-to-day stress and worries of running a business. The Healthia Support Office provides marketing, IT, recruitment and HR, payroll and finance. This dedicated team of professionals gives clinicians more time to focus on their clients. In addition, Healthia offers world-class education and training that is one of the most celebrated benefits for our clinicians.

Why I joined Healthia

Businesses are like trees, if you’re not growing, you’re dying. I’ve always been very interested in expanding our clinic into another site, but the time restraints and knowhow were limitations. Partnering with Healthia brought 25+ years of expansions, growth and know how. Having a support team that has expanded a number of times allowed me to continue to run my business while the tricky negotiations with landlords and tedious applications with councils took place. Also knowing I have the backing of a tried and tested model with financial support to pursue this expansion has eased the burden of stress and given me the confidence this expansion will work no matter what. As a health practitioner, I wasn’t interested in all the bright shiny lights, bells and whistles. Practitioners want what is right by us, our staff and our patients. The way Healthia went about their negotiations was professional, sincere, and they took the time to get to know me and my team and were not just worried about my P&L. From the beginning I knew my business was going to be in the right hands moving forward, and to this day, I remain a proud clinic partner of the Healthia Limited group.

Ben HeidenreichPhysiotherapist & Clinic Partner at Coral Coast Physiotherapy

My career at Healthia has spanned across a decade, well before Healthia was formed, when we were still My FootDr Podiatry with only 11 clinics. The company has given me opportunity after opportunity over the years to evolve. Initially as a podiatry student, to a new graduate, then podiatrist at my current clinic, before becoming a Clinic Partner. As a Clinic Partner, Healthia has provided me with the opportunity to further my clinical and business knowlege with integrated programs, as well as ongoing support with management, marketing and finance, which have now allowed me to grow the clinic. Having a vested financial interest as a CCS has incentivised me to create goals, achieve them, and get rewarded for it.

Vy Pham Podiatrist & Clinic Partner at My FootDr Gumdale

Partnership Process

  • Step 1

    Personal introduction to Healthia’s partnership team

  • Step 2

    An informal meeting that determines if we are the right fit for each other

  • Step 3

    Evaluation process completed

  • Step 4

    Receive a formal offer and agree to a price

  • Step 5

    Enter into a contract

  • Step 6

    Payment is arranged

  • Step 7

    Introduction to Healthia’s integrations team

Partnership Enquiries

Tony Ganter

Group Chief Business Development & Strategy Officer

If you are considering selling your business, feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion.

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