Our Philosophies

Core Philosophies

Our strategies help us to work towards achieving our vision and purpose; however, our businesses operate on a common set of core philosophies that guide and enable us to work towards achieving these goals. These core philosophies shape our teams’ behaviours and the way we connect to each other as a family, to our clients and to the communities we operate in.

They are more than words and operate as the codes we both strive and measure ourselves on. Every day we can see these in practice from our teams to our procedures.

Wesley Coote

Managing Director & Group Chief Executive Officer

Healthia’s core philosophies are:


Setting a consistent high standard for how we behave, deliver products and services and the lasting impression others have of our business and teams.


We are inclusive, we welcome all and we also aim to ensure that everyone has a path to success. This extends from our teams to our clients, in that we want to ensure we are focused on delivering results for all people who chose us as a partner for better health.


We are respectful of clients individual circumstances and in turn our colleagues and fellow team members, in the end we deal with people and they look to us for care and guidance. Empathy and trust can never be undervalued.


We never stop learning and being inspired, our goal is to continually develop ways to deliver training, education and value to our teams as we continue to lead in this arena.          

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