Social & Workforce Standards

Social & Workforce Standards

We provide our staff with an optimal environment to deliver high-quality healthcare regardless of their role. We help people achieve their own goals through better health and education; that is the deeper meaning of Healthia. We are the employer of choice for health graduates from all over Australia.

Our point of difference and ultimately our success is that we are led and managed by practitioners whose every decision is aimed at enhancing clinical outcomes. As health professionals, we appreciate the needs of clients, practitioners, the community and the health industry, allowing us to deliver more effective treatments and improved care.

Community Support

Healthia believes in supporting our local communities throughout Australia. Thanks to our size and clinic locations, we are able to support numerous local sporting clubs and community groups. Our clinicians are happy to provide their specialty optometry, podiatry and physiotherapy services to their communities!


Healthia is always creating new ways to reduce our environmental impact throughout our locations. One area that we have achieved great success in promoting sustainability is with our medical device manufacturing, iOrthotics. Thanks to our innovative technologies, we have embraced 3D printing and reduced our waste by 95%. Last year, that meant that we reduced our waste by 50 tons of plastic. We know that sustainability is about more than just reduction in landfill waste. Watch this video from iOrthotics to learn more.

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