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Physiotherapists treats illnesses and injuries that limit a person’s ability to move and perform activities that are part of their daily lives. Healthia’s physiotherapists use a multidisciplinary approach to offer individualized treatments for their patients. Our physiotherapists have a diverse and comprehensive knowledge of injury management and rehabilitation that enable them to deliver treatments of all sporting and non-sporting conditions, injuries, chronic conditions and post-operative rehabilitation.
To learn more about Healthia’s group of physiotherapy services and clinics, please visit Allsports Physiotherapy.

Our Physiotherapy services include:

Allsports Group has been providing excellence in physiotherapy for nearly 30 years. Our on-site services have grown to include podiatry, Pilates, massage therapy, occupational therapy and nutrition to support a multidisciplinary approach to injury management and rehabilitation. Our 150+ health professionals are committed to developing their skills, helping their communities and continuously striving to deliver the best outcomes for their patients. We’re proud to support our teams by offering unparalleled opportunities both personally and professionally.

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At many of our physiotherapy clinics, our physiotherapists are committed to applying evidence-based rehabilitative exercise prescription through Pilates to help prevent and treat common conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, postural issues, osteoporosis, pelvic floor issues, neurological conditions and ageing-related ailments to name a few.

At Q Paediatrics we offer physiotherapy services exclusively to children from infancy to adulthood (0-18 years). Our aim is to optimise your child’s physical development and functional performance throughout the various stages of their development.

Massage therapy is performed to help treat stress and/or pain within the body. At Healthia, our massage therapists work alongside our physiotherapists to help treat and improve the function of the body’s soft tissues. Our massage therapists offer remedial therapy tailored to the individual needs of each patient. To learn more about Healthia’s massage therapy services, please visit Allsports Physio
Many of our multi-disciplinary modelled clinics are also home to a number of medical specialists including orthopaedic surgeons and sports physicians.

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