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Podiatry is devoted to disorders of the foot, ankle and lower extremities. Qualified podiatrists perform foot care services and treatments including but not limited to custom foot orthotics, fungal nail laser treatment, video gait analysis, shockwave therapy and cryotherapy. Podiatrists can improve foot health to ensure their clients are not limited by foot pain. Healthia’s podiatry centres are equipped with innovative podiatry equipment, making them the most modern podiatry clinics in Australia. To learn more about Healthia’s group of podiatry services and clinics, please visit My FootDr.

Some of our podiatry services include:

When your feet need a little extra support, our team of highly-qualified podiatrists may prescribe custom foot orthotics to help alleviate and prevent foot, ankle, and knee pain, and improve your balance and foot function in general. From children to professional sports athletes, we have helped support over 300,000 happy feet across the country, and are proudly the leading provider of custom foot orthotics in Australia.
More than 10% of Australian’s have fungal toenails. We take an innovative approach to treat fungal toenails with our fungal nail laser treatment solution. We work with our clients to tailor a treatment solution that is individualised to their needs and get the best results.

That’s why, as Australia’s leading and largest podiatry group, we have developed a revolutionary Fungal Nail Laser Treatment solution that can be tailored to your individual condition for the very best results.
Our centres provide the full scope of clinical podiatry including comprehensive foot assessments, bunions, corns and skin treatment, and toenail surgery. Our team delivers innovative and personalised podiatry services to ensure you and your family are not limited by pain and can enjoy a happy and active life.
We help people living with diabetes establish better foot health care to reduce the risk of diabetic related hospital admissions and amputations.

For more information, please visit myfootdr.com.au.

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