O.C.C. New Grads Take the Coral Coast

At Healthia, we’re dedicated to ongoing professional learning and development, using our extensive network to provide career mentorship and varied caseloads.
With over 300 clinics within the Healthia group, there are countless opportunities for our clinicians to progress their careers in a flexible and supportive environment.

Recently, to assist with Coral Coast Physiotherapy’s growing waitlist, O.C.C. Therapy was able to send two new graduate occupational therapists, Samuel and Abbey, to Central Queensland to assist and broaden their clinical experience.


“I was able to conduct sessions with different children, each who had their own unique story and needs for support. A highlight of the trip was attending a home visit, in which I was able to go to see the surrounding areas and travel around completely new environments,” said Samuel.

For Samuel and Abbey, it was an invaluable experience to be able to travel, work within a multidisciplinary team and provide support to regional families with limited access to allied health services.

“I loved being able to see clients start to work towards achieving their goals in my brief time there and being part of the start to their therapy journey. One that stands out to me is a little girl who with some collaboration, brainstorming and strategies, was able to start working towards being more independent in showering,” Abbey said of her experience.

At Healthia, our clinics are able to lean on a large network to ensure they continue to provide quality service to their local communities.

“I would like to thank The Coral Coast Physiotherapy team, all of whom were wonderful and very supportive during our stay […] I would do it again in a heartbeat,” said Samuel.

Healthia is proud to have such a strong network of allied health clinicians across Australia and we look forward to coordinating similar opportunities in the future as no doubt there will be a future need.

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