Why Join Healthia?

About Healthia

Healthia’s purpose is to bring together a collective of well-established, trusted physiotherapy and podiatry clinics with the aim of being Australia’s leading integrated allied healthcare organisation. Our vision is to make a valued contribution to the integration and delivery of allied healthcare within Australia, making a real difference in the lives of our patients and our people.

Supporting over 90 practices nationally, Healthia Ltd is one of Australia’s largest allied health companies. Our point of difference is our commitment to investment in our clinicians and the support of their development through a shared focus on clinical autonomy, continuous education and training, and to the provision of multi-faceted career journeys. Our objective is to inspire and facilitate best practice, and to promote excellence in the delivery of clinical care for our patients and their communities. 

Partnering With Healthia

Healthia’s business model is founded on a 25-year story of organic growth and partnership with our clinicians. Our approach relies on fostering committed clinicians and their aspirations for clinical excellence, career diversity, innovative healthcare solutions through to business ownership. In this way, Healthia is well positioned to support career journeys, and align the long-term vision of our clinic staff partners with that of the investment community. 


Healthia embraces collaboration. Given the current fragmented allied healthcare industry, we believe much can be achieved by partnering with like-minded clinicians and business owners to improve the adaptability and sustainability of services in the future. This collaboration empowers the ability to respond to the growth in the healthcare sector, develop better avenues for primary healthcare, and to positively influence and impact state and national healthcare outcomes through consultation with national bodies.

Administration Support

Healthia supports clinic partnerships by reducing the demands of business administration in areas such as marketing, IT, recruitment and HR, payroll, and finance. This support allows more time for clinicians to focus on mentoring their local staff and delivering outcomes for their patients.

We also promote and support the vision for education, research and development for the clinical group and the allied health industry.

The Healthia Difference

  • Clinician led experienced management team with an intimate and comprehensive understanding of the industry and proven track record overseeing a long-term organic growth model.

  • Experienced board with years of experience leading strategy and overseeing growth and culture in ASX listed companies.

  • Multidisciplinary practices

  • Vertical integration 

  • Established training education / teaching and learning platforms an attraction for recruitment 

  • Investment in research and development 

  • Investment and development in areas of technology

  • Long-term vision for contribution to allied health industry outcomes 

  • Cost efficiencies through group administration and purchasing 

  • Increased opportunities for revenue streams

  • Ability to support the specialisation of allied health professionals

  • Ability to respond to changes in the allied health workforce 

  • Disciplined approach to quality partnerships with focus on culture and people 

Contact Us

Tony Ganter  | B.Phty

Chief Executive Officer – Physiotherapy Discipline

Ph +61 3180 4900 
E tony.ganter@healthia.com.au

Darren Stewart | B. Podiatry,Cert Pedorthist (CM) Au

Chief Executive Officer – Podiatry Discipline

Ph +61 3180 4900 
E darren.stewart@healthia.com.au