Our Group


Healthia Limited is an integrated group of health-based companies whose mission it is to enrich the lives of people through world-class health services. We’re proudly Australasia’s leading Allied Health group.

Podiatry Services

My FootDr is Australasia’s largest podiatry group. We are leaders in bringing our patients innovative and smart podiatry solutions so that they’re not limited by foot pain. All My FootDr clinics are equipped with innovative podiatry equipment making them the most modern podiatry centres in Australia. The team of highly qualified podiatrists provide patients with the very best podiatry care ensuring delivery of world class podiatry services.

Physiotherapy Services

Allsports Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine has been providing physiotherapy services throughout Brisbane since 1992. Our experienced team will work with you to develop an individualised treatment plan that will treat your injury, coordinate your rehabilitation and include achievable goals and objectives that will help your recovery – whether that be post-surgery, following weekend sporting activities or difficulties performing normal everyday functions. In addition, Allsports practices are also home to a diverse range of allied health services, including podiatry, pilates, massage therapy, occupational therapy and nutrition. 

Hand and Upper Limb Rehabilitation

The Extend Rehabilitation Clinics were founded in Brisbane, Queensland in 2002 by Mary Mitchell (physiotherapist), Wilma Walsh and Marguerite Copley (occupational therapists).  Extend Rehabilitation is dedicated to caring for the hand and upper arm; including injuries to the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder and neck, as well as offering general musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Extend Rehabilitation has grown to 9 Clinics throughout Brisbane with 3 of those Clinics being co-located inside an Allsports Physiotherapy Clinic.   


iOrthotics lead the orthotic manufacturing industry in innovation, with sustainable manufacturing, advanced orthotic design software, 3D printing and other cutting-edge technologies. Known for quality products and best practice service delivery, they create orthotic solutions for over 100 podiatry clinics world-wide. The team are committed to a sustainable future through technologies such as 3D printing - substantially cutting orthotic manufacturing waste. iOrthotics are world leaders in 3D printing orthotic design and manufacture.


DBS Medical Supplies specialises in Podiatry and Foot Care products. DBS provide supplies to podiatrists, hospitals, medical centres, nursing homes and allied health professionals throughout Australia as well as New Zealand, the South Pacific, Singapore and Hong Kong. DBS offer a wide range of products including podiatry equipment, surgical instruments, orthotic materials, clinic consumables and foot and nail care products.

Our People

Healthia offers a workplace that is challenging, supportive and rewarding. We provide our staff with an optimal environment to deliver high-quality healthcare regardless of their role. We help people achieve their own goals through better health and education; that is the deeper meaning of Healthia. We are the employer of choice for health graduates from all over Australia.

Our point of difference and ultimately our success is that we are led and managed by practitioners whose every decision is aimed at enhancing clinical outcomes. As health professionals, we appreciate the needs of patients, practitioners, the community and the health industry, allowing us to deliver more effective treatments and improved patient care.

Education & Clinical Governance

To support our staff to achieve their goals, we provide industry leading in-house education for all professional staff. For our new and recent graduates, we provide a structured graduate year consisting of facilitated learning modules, experienced mentors and the latest technology and research to ensure the very best care for our patients. In addition, our education program provides the foundation for career progression within the organisation and career specialisation and clinic ownership opportunities.

Our Clinical Advisory Committee is an independent committee dedicated to the clinical needs of our group. It was assembled to ensure that in all areas of service delivery we are providing best practice standards and services. This includes sharing responsibility and accountability for the quality of care, continuous improvement to systems and practices, minimizing risks and fostering an environment of excellence in care for our patients. Members of this committee are elected from within our senior clinical team to ensure independence from the board and management.